Friday, March 9, 2012

Bad Beer

I was quick to pat myself on the back for my brewing success a few weeks ago. Now I must admit to abject failure on the second batch.

The beer was brewed from a kit, and is a "Honey-Sage". I clearly put too much priming sugar in the mix before bottling as the lids are nearly exploding off the bottles when I open then. Then I get a mountain of foam. Even though I have a huge cup I usually drink my beers out of, I can't even get the entire bottle into it because it is so foamy.

But that wasn't the only problem.

Everyone wants their beer to be clear. Unfortunately, this one is a little cloudy, with a fair amount of sediment at the bottom. At least part of that is also a result of "over-priming".

The actual taste is "okay" -- this beer had a lot of sugar added to it, so it is high alcohol content, and drinks fairly dry. All that would be good, except for the aftertaste of sage. I would have never guessed it would be so strong. And the smell -- yuck. The odor is the absolute worst part of the project.

Not quite pouring-it-down-the-sink bad, but close.

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