Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mr. Mom -- Day #10

Today was another day from hell.

At least it was until I dropped the twins off at dance, then everything changed to cooperative mode.

But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.

It was a very busy day. And started off in the negative column. Apparently it was Candace's turn to have a feak-out about clothes -- she couldn't find the jacket she wanted to wear to school (which she started looking for about thirty seconds before the bus was due).

Thomas knew we were going to leave the house, so he was dressed and ready to go by 8:15. Then proceeded to ask me every five minutes for the next two and a half hours when we were going to leave. I finally left a hair early, just to get him to relax a bit.

We stopped at Target for that important purchase of Play-Doh. Then met Bill at Cheeseburger in Paradise for lunch. Bill and I needed to sign the documents to renew our banking line for another year, which we did at one o'clock. Then Thomas and I beat a hasty retreat to the grocery store, where I shopped in record (for me) time. Racing home, my goal was to get the fridge items put away before going to the school to get the twins.

Apparently, the twins saw a demo from a jump-rope expert (who knew?) today, and there was an additional demo at the high school tonight from 7-8. When I explained that there was no way we could make it to the demo, Candace nearly had a meltdown on the spot. Instead of doing that, she was snotty to Sarah and Thomas. By the time we got home, everyone was crying or yelling. Or both.

The girls change into dance clothes, and we run to dance. More yelling -- there seems to be a high correlation between stress and "going someplace." I finally drop the girls, five minutes late, at dance. Thomas and I go over to the outlet mall to kill an hour, and at the end of that time, we buy some McDonalds which will serve as dinner. Then it was back to dance to get the twins. From there we went to Greenwood for soccer practice, with everyone eating in the car.

Then at soccer practice, everyone suddenly was happy. Thomas loves practice, so no suprise on his account. The twins played on the playground and kicked a soccer ball around, and I guess just decided life wasn't so bad -- even if you couldn't see the world's coolest jump roper for a second time in the same day! Things were nearly upset on the way home, when I realized the twins had dropped their nearly full cokes into their happy meal bags, and spilled coke all over the back seat of my car. Alas, the carpet will probably never fully recover. But everything cooled off for an on-time and low stress bedtime.

Go figure.

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