Friday, March 23, 2012

Mr. Mom -- Day #4

As tough as Day #2 was, today was the opposite -- fun, rewarding, and easy.

There were no major problems in the morning, as I was willing to allow Candace to go through with her cockamamie plan to take 19 beanie babies to school to pass out to each of her classmates (hey, they have a ton of them and, for some reason, wanted to be class celebrity of the day).

Thomas played outside in fabulous weather until school.

Then my friend Bill came over, and we made first beer (a Sam Adams clone), and then Ethiopian food. This was a bigger task than I expected, even though I had done quite a lot of prep work yesterday. Other than the Injera being a bit scorched, and there being 2x more food than we needed, it was a big success. And dinner was actually ready at 6PM just like we were hoping.

The kids were cooperative (well, as cooperative as they ever are) right up until bed time. At least part of this was due to the new "tattle-tale" policy I implemented yesterday. It goes like this: When someone comes in to tattle, both tattler and instigator immediately go to the naughty seat -- no questions asked (there might be an exception if bleeding or broken bones are involved, but I haven't promoted that). Then, when I'm ready, I'll question each one in turn, and decide who gets what punishment, if any. Since the tattlers (who are normally complaining about trivia) don't normally want to sit on the naughty seat for the 60 seconds or so that it take me to get to them, the number of tattles has dropped a lot.

I'm sure this won't work for very long, but I'll take any relief from the constant stream of tattles.

Tomorrow is a low pressure morning, followed by soccer. I'm excited.

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