Monday, March 19, 2012

Mr. Mom -- The set-up

Okay, having done this once before (with one less child), I was able to figure out a few things that would help make the next 15 days easier and more enjoyable.

1. I actually wrote down "the schedule." When soccer was, when dance class happened, what times to do anything and everything. I already do my share of driving the kids around, and so knew most of it. But there are certain tasks Paula almost always does. I will sleep easier knowing it is all on paper somewhere, and we don't have to depend on my (faulty) memory.

2. I made a plan for meals. Not written in stone, of course, but at least a general outline. This will help me make sure I shop for the right stuff, and also prevent having pizza four days in a row or other similar atrocities.

3. I invited friends over, hopefully providing me a motivation to keep the house at least somewhat clean.

4. I tried to get everything possible done before Paula's departure tomorrow -- particularly tasks that require I drive around a lot.

5. I'm going to (try) to demonstrate a little extra flexibility in my normally rigid workout schedule. This might be the most difficult thing for me.

One advantage I have going for me during this trip is the twins are a year and a half older than they were last time. And thankfully, they go to bed much easier than they used to (still hard, but not as time consuming or frustrating as it used to be).

On the downside, this trip is longer -- sixteen days from start to finish.

So not it's a race to see if Paula gets home before I lose my sanity. I think the odds-makers would give me the edge on that one, but who knows....

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