Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mr. Mom -- Day #9

Some days are easy. Others are difficult. This one fell more in the latter category.

It started early this morning, when Candace flipped out of -- yes, you guessed it, her clothes for school. I "solved" this by basically letting her wear whatever she wanted to (within reason).

A little later, it was Sarah's turn -- she had a fit because she couldn't find the jacket she wanted to wear. I admit, I didn't comb the house for it because she's left so many clothing articles at school over the last two years that I just assumed it must be there (I later found it in the office under the computer desk). She finally agreed to wear a less desirable one, only to immediately take it off an shove it in her backpack as soon as she was outside waiting for the bus.

Thomas was whiny all day long. You would think he was about to lose a limb, his stuffy nose and cold sore are so traumatizing. He's a bit easier to take than the twins, however, because I can placate him to an extent, and ignore some of his complaints.

When the twins arrived home from school, all was well as I prepared dinner -- a favorite selected just to please the kids -- spagetti and pesto sauce. After dinner the kids went outside while I cleaned up the dishes. When I went outside to tell the twins it was time for CCD, all hell broke loose. Candace had a complete 3 year-old tantrum. According to her, the CCD class only covers things she knows, so she shouldn't have to go. I ended up getting angry, which never results in good parenting. Then, to make matters worse, Sarah then started to goad Candace, which set off angry part 2. I eventually got them to CCD, a few minutes late, and everyone emotional.

By the time I got home, I was feeling bad about the whole incident. But when I picked the girls up, everything was back to happy-happy. Kids have really short memories about stuff like that, which can sometimes be irritating, and other times good. We came home, and I indulged all three in an episode of Hercules before a late bed time. Hopefully, I won't regret that tomorrow when I have to wake everyone up.

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