Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mr. Mom -- Day #5

Highlight of the day -- Thomas'es second game in the middle (8-9 year old) soccer age bracket (he is 5), and he scores five goals (out of his team's 8 or 9), and has two assists. Near the end of the game, I overhear a high school age boy say to an adult: "And they say he's in pre-school!" Trust me, based on size, nobody would doubt he was several years younger than those other kids. But on the soccer field, he kicks butt.

Really, it was a very nice day overall today, too. Weather was terrific. Kids played outside most of the day. I caught up on some cleaning, laundry, writing, and even a little exercising.

Another highlight -- the kids decide to go "fishing", which means they take their little Zebco fishing rods down to the neighbor's house and dangle the lures in front of tiny sunfish, hoping to get them to bite. By early evening, a decided to just throw my line in the lake. I wasn't optimistic -- last spring, it was tough to get anything to bite until the lake warmed up. But I love fishing, especially toward the end of the day when it is quiet and the lake is calm. So I cast a yellow beetle-spin, the bait that just happened to be on the line, and low and behold, on my fifth cast, I hooked a three pound walleye! A huge surprise. Of course, I was then mobbed by all the kids and their kid-like fishing techniques, which was also fun.

Bed, often the bane of my parental duties, was even pretty easy. And the littles even picked up their room so that I would air another episode of Xena.

I love it when a plan comes together!

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