Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mr. Mom -- Day #2

Tough day, today.

Everything went smoothly right up until dinner time, but after that it was a mess.

Problems started with the pasta I made for dinner. Now, we've probably served pasta close to once a week since the twins came home. A few weeks ago, we introduced pesto sauce to the mix, added to the other typical choices of tomato, vodka and alfredo sauces. We always have tomato sauces and sometimes one or more of the others.

Sarah has become quite fond of pesto sauce. When she heard we had none in the house, she initially refused to eat at all. Then she informed me my pasta "tasted like cardboard" and picked at it while going on and on about how bad I was at making it. After a time out, I found about two tablespoons of pesto sauce in the fridge, and let her have it. That ended round #1

Candace was the next combatant. After CCD this evening, she was pretty much shrieking non-stop. I walked into the bathroom to hear her threatening Thomas to not "tell me" about something, which turned out to be her intentionally smearing toothpaste all over his pajama top. Later, she flipped out because I wouldn't let her just listen to "one more song" on the television program (this was after I'd already given in once).

The whole thing ended up in a huge crying session during story time, where both girls first pined away for Paula, and then went on to do the same for birth mom. Sarah, in particular, was angry that she wasn't with Paula, going to Ethiopia too, to see birth mom and her great aunt. I tried to explain to both girls that the are not ready for that kind of a visit, but they, predictably, completely disagree with that opinion.

Bedtime was delayed by an hour and fifteen minutes as we tried to talk some of this out. Alas, I'm not sure I made any headway. Now they are finally in bed, and asleep. I'm exhausted, too. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit easier.

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