Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mr. Mom -- Part 2 Coming to a Computer soon near you

In mid-March, my dear wife Paula, will be headed back to Ethiopia on another BEMM aid trip. During that time, I will be (gasp!) performing the household Mom (along with the limited Dad) duties.

Now those of you who know me well, probably recognize this is not my strong suit. I'm not particularly good at selecting clothes, doing hair, or listening to large quantities of whining or tattling. And going shopping -- yikes. But I did do this once before. And everyone survived. More-or-less.

Now I will be attempting to reprise my starring role in Mr. Mom - Part 2. This time the trip is longer, and there's an additional kid in the mix (Thomas). But I've also been a lot closer to day-to-day kid care since my first starring role in this ongoing film series, so we will see if I've learned anything.

Right now, I'm in the planning in planning how I make the job as easy as possible. Two things that worked well last time were: cornrows and McDonalds. Beyond that, I'm just warming up, but am up for suggestions!

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