Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mr. Mom -- Day #6

Today was like two different days.

The morning was relaxed and low key. An easy start to the day, and given the extremely warm weather (we broke 80 today), the kids spent much of the morning and early afternoon outside playing. I warmed Ethiopian leftovers for lunch -- they were good on the reheat. And then more play with the neighbor kids. I only made one mistake in the morning, starting my tax return, which always makes me a bit crabby.

The afternoon had a tactical error, and then several parental failures which made it much harder. I decided to take the kids to see the 4:20 showing of "The Lorax," which everyone enjoyed. Of course, the littles at piles of popcorn, but I didn't count that as a meal. So afterward, we stopped at Arbys for a dinner probably little better than popcorn from a nutritional standpoint.

Problem was really the time -- it was already 6pm when we got to Arbys, and I had a lot left to do before bed. So we raced home, showers for the little kids (including hair washing and conditioning for the girls), then pj's and hairstyling. The only smart thing I did tonight was to persuade Anna to do the hair. While she did that, I got beds ready, gathered the trash, and put on an episode of Hercules to "sooth the savage beasts".

I was ready to put Thomas to bed on time, and he always goes to bed easy, so that wasn't a problem. It was afterward that I remembered all the things I should have done. Forgot to look in the "Friday folders" -- of course, Candace had a math worksheet (where's Sarah's? She sure doesn't know). I didn't get either girl to read to me. Forgot to put out their clothes for tomorrow. And Candace is the "helper" tomorrow, so she gets to take a show-and-tell item to school. Of course, I didn't realize this until she was in bed and obsessing about it.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to call my parents. And Kenneth's air conditioner is broken. And probably a few more things I'm not remembering right now.

Well, here's to hoping I do better tomorrow.

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