Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hitting the Road, Again.

After several months without my beloved running routine, I made a first attempt to return today, going out for a modest 3 mile run (well, a trot at best, really).

Knee problems -- which I believe are simply inflammation from overuse -- seem to have finally calmed down.  I've tried to maintain a modest level of cardio fitness by working out on an elliptical trainer, but have failed to keep my weight in line.

So today, I waddled out in the 20 MPH wind, and 90+ degree temperatures, to give it a whirl.  At first I was alarmed by an unfamiliar bounce -- it was all the flab I've added in the past half year having it's elasticity tested. Yuck -- what a crappy way to have to face up to that issue.  Perhaps it will provide the needed motivation to do something about it.

I left my watch at home -- there would be no timing of this event.  Slow and steady was my motto.  I even acknowledged I might need to take some walking breaks.  Yeah, I'm that far out of it.

But all went well.  I managed to complete the three miles without expiring and without walking.  When I got home, I didn't even notice any knee trauma.  But the real story will be written on that tomorrow -- which is when any residual soreness will be most noticeable.

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