Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mr. Mom -- Day #13

What a pleasant day. Everyone slept late. The morning was bright and warm.

And when the kiddos did finally come downstairs, they were in good moods. We watched a little TV in the morning, then went outside for a bit. I got my workout in around lunch, and fortunately, while I was downstairs for the first half of the workout, the lunch fairy (also known as Grandma) paid us a visit and fed the kids.

After lunch, the twins played Barbies with Anna, and Thomas and I went fishing for a while (no luck). Then all the kids put on the swim suits and played with the hose most of the afternoon.

During that time, I actually re-entered all the data from my 2010 tax return -- I'd found a deduction I forgot to take, and couldn't start the computer that had the old file. So I had to recreate it. It took quite a bit of time, but there were only a couple of things that initially mystified me. I still haven't tried to do the amended return yet, but at least I don't have to reinvent the wheel now.

We went the easy route for dinner, and made hot dogs and a noodle side dish. Afterward was the harder part of the day -- showers, then hair. Anna helped out again by coming up with a hairstyle. The kids then played companionably in their room until bedtime, and with minor protests, went to sleep.

If every day could be this simple!

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