Monday, April 2, 2012

Mr. Mom -- Day #14

Another good day -- if you discount Sarah's hunger strike at dinner time (more on that later).

Kids were off to school without much stress. I did discover that braiding the main part of the twins hair is a bit of a pain -- it's just so darned thick. After the girls left for school, Thomas bummed around the house most of the morning -- watching TV, playing "Sorry" with grandma, and just generally not doing much.

Lunch was chimichangas and fries, and then Thomas was off to school too. I then picked the twins up at 1:45 and we drove to Fremont for dental appointments. Anna picked up Thomas (glad he didn't have to wait the hour and fifteen minutes in the dentist office by himself). When I came home, Grandma had dinner ready.

For some reason, Sarah decided that the flouride treatment she had at the dentist office (which wasn't to be brushed off until bed time), made her food all taste bad. Candace had no such problem. We ate early, and then I hauled Thomas off to soccer practice. When I left, Sarah was sitting at the table with a full plate of food, balling over how no one cared her food tasted "disgusting." When I returned later, the food was eaten, and Sarah was happily playing downstairs. Sometimes it's just better not to ask.

Thomas was a little under the weather still during his practice. I did witness one face plant (saw him spitting dirt out of his mouth, then needed to rinse his mouthguard), and he took a kick to the thigh. He still played hard, and had a great time. I must note he's much tougher on the soccer pitch, than when tussling with his sisters -- there may be some knowledge embedded in that....

Evening included an episode of Hercules, and then the normal reading routine and sleep. I even was done in time to watch the second half of the baskeball game.

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