Monday, February 14, 2011

Ugh. Taxes

And now we come to my least favorite time of the year -- when I spend twenty or more hours of time trying to figure out what I owe to the Federal and State Governments for the prior year. And every year, for reasons too complicated to contemplate, I always seem to owe a sizable sum.

I pine away for the simpler days gone by, when a copy of Turbo-Tax and an hour's worth of time resulted in a completed return. And back then I agonized over every number -- fool that I was. Hey. Wait. I can still have that experience -- I have three returns for kids to fill out as well! At least their returns are simple, and they usually don't owe anything. Why just last year, one of them experienced the thrill of a refund beyond the amount of tax withheld, a courtesy of the federal government's stimulus package.

So if the radio silence over the next few days seems somewhat deafening, you'll at least know why. And probably be happy you can't hear me cursing.

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