Saturday, February 5, 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different

I’ve not had a corporate job now for eleven months, and I’m not looking for one. Hopefully, I won’t need to ever again. Some of the things that lead to my firing from Valmont – my risk-taking and my stubbornness, don’t fit very well in the corporate environment. And I’m weary of trying to pound my natural personality into the corporate mold.

I still love manufacturing, and I enjoy business. But I’ve found other activities more satisfying – at least thus far. Right now, my powder is dry, and the world is my oyster. If I decided I wanted to pick up my family and move to Tahiti and teach hula dancing, I could (theoretically) do it.

Don’t worry, Paula – it’s just an example. As one of my friends said – I’m in the fun zone, and I hope to stay there.

So if my taking a position at Lindsay angered some of my former Valmont colleagues, all I can say is – it was a bounce back relationship, I wasn’t forbidden by my agreements with Valmont, I needed a job at the time, and I couldn’t move. And I hope you understand and appreciate the fact I was cast off. Fired by Valmont. Read: Of no further use.

I also hope my blog readers now understand my separation from Lindsay was initiated by me, and it was for my own private reasons – not because there is something wrong with the company, nor with me either, for that matter – it was just a mismatch.

So that’s my tale. If by reading it, I’ve given any further clarity to your thought process about your own future, then it’s been worth the effort.

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