Saturday, February 19, 2011

Running Every Which Way

Step one -- get the taxes done. Check.
Step two -- do three kid tax returns. Check.
Step three -- spend a little time on a business venture doing some problem solving. Check.
Step four -- spend some time with the twins. Check -- sorta. I didn't do to well on this when the taxes were in in process.
Step five -- get in some writing. Uh-oh, does five hundred words over five days count?
Step six -- get a portion of the house cleaned up in preparation for trip. Not even started yet.

Sometimes there's just a lot on your plate, and despite your best efforts, its darned hard to get through all of it. After years of experience with this situation -- usually at work -- I've decided there's no substitute to just putting nose to grindstone and getting started trying to get it done.

So I'm off to do that cleaning momentarily...

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