Friday, July 16, 2010


Just finished the most difficult section of my new novel, and thought that it would be nice to take a break. I'm about half way done with the first draft, and think I'll have it completed in another sixty days, more or less.

Weather is perfect here, and I went swimming with the twins in the lake a little earlier. They swim every day that its over eighty degrees and not raining. It was great fun.

Tonight we are off to Stir-up days in Ashland. If you're not from the area, Ashland is the little town we live closest to. I think there are about 2,500 souls there. Both of my older daughters are working at the local pizza place -- Breadeaux Pizza (pretty good pizza, actually), and Anna, our middle child, goes to the schools in Ashland, as will the twins starting in the fall.

We live, however, in what Paula and I call "Greater Metropolitan Ashland", about five miles north of the town in a rural area close to the Platte River. Our lake, Big Sandy, has about 100 lots on it, but only about six of those lots are occupied full time. The rest are just weekend getaway type places. So during the week, even on a perfect summer day, its fairly quiet.

But I digress -- its a beautiful day, so I think I'll just go and enjoy the rest of it!

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