Monday, July 5, 2010


I haven't shared many family details that have occurred since the transition. In fact, I haven't shared many personal details at all, with the exception of my musings. As I reflect on all the things that have happened in the last three months, I realize it's a lot. Here is a brief list some of the things that are different.

Finished an addition on our house and relocated four of seven family members as a result (not to mention garage junk redistribution, and emptying a storage locker in Omaha).

Grew a beard -- tried to grow my hair out longer too, but honestly, there just isn't enough to work with, so I decided to keep the hair closely cropped. Everybody seems to hate the beard, except me.

Finished a novel (Leverage), and then hired an editor and finished it again! Hopefully, this will be the last time. Started a new novel, which I'm tentatively calling Incentivize (I love the overused/misused business-speak for titles).

Decided to add another member to the family. We will be headed back to Ethiopia sometime in the not too distant future to adopt a boy. For those of you not up to date, we adopted twin daughters from Ethiopia a year ago.

Sold my beloved red Lexus convertible, and my Chevy Colorado pick-up, and bought a Suburban. For motivation, see paragraph above -- need eight passenger seating. When you have a "midlife crisis" aren't you supposed to buy the red sports car, rather than sell it???

Wife and I got matching tattoos! Those of you who know me will probably be most shocked by this turn of events. It is an outline of Africa with a heart on Ethiopia. I've got mine on my right shoulder. If I ever figure out how to post pictures, I'll put one on the blog.

Well, that all seems like a lot for three months. Here's to changes that keep life refreshed!

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