Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hey! Where did that last week go?

It went into physical labor, mostly. Moving and cleaning and buying and the like. Can't wait to have this project behind me.

Paula tells me that I do well with projects, but not so well with the day to day picking up and cleaning and such required around the house. Probably means I'll find another project to do as soon as this one is finished. There is probably some valuable insight in all that....

On the writing front, I got the edits on the first chapter of my novel from the pro yesterday, and it was pretty dramatic - the changes he suggested, that is. Especially with the opening. I can recognize the plot and general flow of the story in that section, but now it is almost all action and very little description. Probably appropriate for a suspense story.

Fortunately, as the chapter lengthened, he either became too tired to do that much work, or the writing was better, because there was considerably less editing. I take some comfort in that!

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