Monday, May 31, 2010

Every Day is a Holiday!

At least for me it is...

And with school being out for the summer, it more or less is for the whole family. That being said, this weekend was simply awesome!

As some readers are well aware, we live on a sand-pit lake, and the weather was pretty much optimal for outdoor activities. The youngest kids went swimming Saturday, Sunday and Monday (the twin six year olds), and they were joined by their older brother and middle sister on a couple of the days. We went out on our boat to tour the lake. Took a nice walk one day, and participated in a Star Wars marathon on Spike TV. I spent time out on the deck, reading and relaxing. And with nothing pressing, I felt a reduced need to try to cram a bunch of home maintenance items into an already crowded weekend. (I wish I could say no need, but that just isn't the way I'm wired.)

Now normally, I would have started feeling bad by about noon on Monday -- angst over the coming work week, and trying to re-engage after completely disengaging for three days. This time -- no angst!

The resulting wind-down of the weekend is not only much more pleasant for me, it is also better for everyone else in the family. Admittedly, it feels a bit weird, but this is a weirdness that I can live with.

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