Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yin and Yang

Two days ago I was frustrated by the lack of direction that laid before me. Maybe I expected the answers to fall into my hands with no effort. I accept that this is not my course.

Two days can make a world of difference. After some wise words from my wonderful wife, and some soul searching, I realize that I need to give things time to gel. Much more time.

I spend the morning today looking over a business investment idea that didn't strike a chord with me -- I continue in the neutral zone. Saying 'no' felt right and felt good.

Yesterday I received some new and more encouraging words on my writing. I feel renewed in my efforts in that direction. While this passion may never become an avocation, I don't doubt it is deeply embedded in me.

During both days I spent time in the counsel of friends that gave my heart ease, and I feel more relaxation, and more contentment.

Tonight I watched the sun set on a glorious evening and remembered how great it is to be alive. Life is good.

I am refreshed.

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