Friday, April 23, 2010

Ending means saying "no", no matter how crazy it sounds...

I've had quite a few calls from recruiters over the past five weeks -- these are primarily people that I've talked to over the years. I wouldn't call them friends, more like valuable associates that I've tried to cultivate. Whenever one calls, I always return the call, and always recommend someone for the position they are searching for. That keeps the conversations going.

I've had a peculiar reaction to calls I've received recently, however. This is the time that conventional wisdom would tell me that I should be saying 'yes' to some of these opportunities, and going out exploring and interviewing. Several of the recruiters seem to think I'm crazy, not 'managing' my career according to generally accepted practices. After all, why wouldn't I want to jump back into a group president, COO or even CEO role? Isn't that what you do when you fall off a horse -- get back on?

This all came to a head over the last couple of days, when the seemingly 'perfect' position came up -- CEO of a local manufacturing company. I wouldn't have to relocate. I'd be the top dog. It was nearly perfect (okay, it might be a little small, but definitely not a 'fixer-upper'). It was what I always thought I wanted to do. Not to say that it was mine for the taking -- I'm sure in the current economic environment, there will be a number of high quality candidates competing for the job.

After about five minutes of thinking that serendipity was occurring, I talked to Paula and she helped me come to my senses. I just said no.

That 'No' brought home to me the significance and finality of the Ending -- If I won't go back for this opportunity, then I'm not going back.

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