Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Mundane Concerns

I've been a bit slower posting in the last few days, well, mainly because from a transition standpoint nothing much is happening.

We've been blessed with some of the best weather in months the last few days, and I've had the luxury of being able to take full advantage of it. A little fishing, a bit of running, some time spent outside with the twins, grilling dinner, walks on a 'just the right temperature' evening.

While my list of social activities has dwindled a bit in the last week, and I haven't done much of anything to further explore long term options (like non-profits, consulting, teaching, etc.), I have been diligently working on the fourth draft of my novel. I'm now almost 50% finished with this editing pass, and finding the work to be effortless and enjoyable. In the past, I've always enjoyed the initial creative portion of writing much more, and been tepid on the editing. Perhaps the luxury of time, and the ability to pick up and put down the work at will, (which really fits better when sharing your workspace with two 5-year olds) are both factors that have made the editing work more pleasurable. It might also be me finding energy and inspiration from some of the feedback I've received lately on my writing. Whatever the reason, it is currently absorbing my interest, along with all the wonderful diversions that spring has to offer.

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