Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Off to conquer number 49

One thing I was able to partake in to my heart's content (and then some) while I was a senior executive, was travel.  Extensive travel.  All over the United States.  All over the world.  I've got the details posted on my website at  At last count, I've visited 61 countries (this count is always a little fuzzy as some things I wouldn't necessarily count as a separate country ended up in the totals), and 48 of the States.  And just in case  you're wondering, I don't count a  location in my total if I never left the airport.

The two states I've never been to are Hawaii and Vermont.  Yeah, I know, kind of an odd combination

We lived in Boston for the better part of two years, but never made it to Vermont.  Never had a good reason to go there, it seemed.  And since there aren't a lot of manufacturing businesses there, I've never had a business reason to visit, either.  Not that I wouldn't mind seeing the fall color change on the trees, but Vermont isn't, and has never been, a high priority.

Hawaii is another matter.  I've searched for reasons to go there, but never found a business reason I could buy off on.  In a few days, however, I will be knocking Hawaii off the list.  Yes, we are taking the whole crew (eight of us) to the new Disney resort (Aulani) on the island of Oahu.  I am definitely psyched.

I'm a bit torn by the plans for the trip, however.  Normally I would rush around trying to see everything there is to be seen.  But my heart is telling me that this trip should primarily be about relaxing.  Maybe there will be a little of each, with a bias toward the relaxing part.

Right now, I'm rushing around trying to get all the remaining tasks at home done (or at least "done enough") to be able to completely forget about everything.  Hope I can remember my computer password when I get back!

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