Friday, July 15, 2011

What happened to work?

Prior to the adoption trip, I'd been fervently pursuing my writing career. But since returning, I've been... well... slacking?

At least it seems that way. Today, while Paula was running around on errands in Omaha, I was watching an episode of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy with the kids, feeding them lunch, and afterward swimming for hours in the lake.

If you'd asked me two years ago if I could ever imagine myself spending a goodly portion of my time playing with little kids, and ignoring the my career (regardless of how it had morphed), I would have thought the idea was just crazy.

And yet, I'm having trouble getting back into my writing, which I generally love -- although, I'm in editing mode right now, which isn't my favorite activity.

I guess the lesson to be learned is -- never say never.

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