Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to a Routine

The summer is rapidly approaching it's end (although the extremely hot weather seems like it plans to go on quite a while longer), and because of the adoption this year, summer has seemed like the lost season. Where did the time go, exactly? And why are there still all these jobs and tasks around the house still to do?

I spent a lot of my career avoiding routine. I used to revel in the variations I would experience each day in my work routine -- problem solving, a new project, an interview, travel, etc. It made the day interesting and exciting.

Now, however, I'm looking forward to establishing a new routine. One where I feel like I'm actually making progress against the never ending tide of mechanical and electrical deterioration of the house, and the longer term writing goals I've set (admittedly self-imposed). One which accommodates my family's needs and my own.

It seems a strange turn of events, this routine savoring...

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