Friday, April 8, 2011

Some Encouraging Adoption News

Had a call from our agency this week to let us know the missing letter from MOWA had arrived. This is what prevented us from passing court when we were in Ethiopia a month ago. The court will not consider issuing an opinion prior to the rescheduled April 15th date, but heck, that's only a week way at this point.

I expect to receive notification that we have passed court either the 15th or the following Monday (the 18th). Then we begin the next wait -- eight to twelve weeks to get our embassy appointment where we will return to Ethiopia to collect Feyissa Thomas and bring him home to Nebraska. In total, it looks like this adoption will take about the same amount of time the adoption of the twins did -- about a year. Seems like an eternity when you are adopting a waiting child, but that's the system and there's not much to be done about it.

On a somewhat relate note, I will be heading to Ethiopia at the end of April with DOMA on an aid trip. This is the same trip Paula took in the fall, with the primary destination being the village of Bora, where DOMA is building a medical clinic. I hope to get a chance to see and experience village life in the same way Paula did, and maybe put a little of my experience to work on their water and waste water needs in the village.

Any blog readers who have knowledge of fresh water and waste water systems for third world villages -- please help! If I know what to look for and what to evaluate while I'm there, it will make the trip much more productive.

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