Saturday, April 23, 2011

Off to Ethiopia

I'm off to Ethiopia tomorrow, but not for the obvious reason.

Last fall, Paula visited the south of the country on the DOMA Vision trip. The trip allowed her to visit a number of the southern towns and villages, assist a medical crew, and get a better sense of how Ethiopians live. When she returned, she suggested I should go as well.

We were originally targeting the fall of 2011 for me to participate in the Vision trip, but since our adoption has been delayed by a few weeks, and since we aren't sure exactly what kind of chaos might be in store for us once our son comes home, we decided now might be a better time to go than the fall.

So I'm off to discover southern Ethiopia in a way I might never be able to otherwise. Our primary stop, Bora, is a village in the mountains of the south. The elevation is over 10,000 feet, and it requires a ten kilometer hike just to get there. This is the location where DOMA will be building a medical clinic. I'll be trying to check out the area for possible improvements to the water supply and sanitation. If any reader has any great ideas on the subject, please comment, or email me at I'll be taking plenty of pictures, and hope to develop some concepts on my return.

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