Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Distressing Revelation

I had lunch with a former colleague today. It was a nice opportunity to catch up with him on what's going on with his career and family. Part way through the meal, however, he surprised me.

It seems, he explained, my former boss at Valmont was "angry" about me taking a senior management position at Lindsay Corporation. He also told explained my former boss at Lindsay told the former Valmont boss I was fired from that position -- a complete fabrication!

Now, I realize this is hearsay, and what this colleague reported to me might not have actually happened. It appears, however, that it is the commonly held view -- at least within Valmont (I'm unsure about Lindsay). And from what I know about Corporations in general, and Valmont in particular, the truth about a situation often fades into the woodwork, only to be replaced by the version of the story offered up by the survivors.

At first, I found the entire situation alarming. How would my friends and former associates ever be able to discover the truth? Maybe I should set both of these former bosses straight! Maybe I should just become angry and bitter over the situation...

But then I realized that I could get the truth out there for my friends and former associates to understand. I've been told by many my blog is fairly widely read at Valmont, so I can use it as a bully pulpit to tell my story in much greater detail than I have before.

And that is just what I propose to do over the next several posts on this site. I'll cover my termination from Valmont, and what I believe were the reasons for it, my recruitment to Lindsay and the reasons I took that job, and why I ultimately resigned from that position. Let the chips fall where they may!

So should anyone want to "talk some sense into me", I suggest it be done soon -- this tale has been dying to get out, and I'm certainly not afraid of the truth.

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