Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goals for 2011

Last step in the process of review, reflection and repositioning of priorities -- setting some goals for next year. Some things carry on from 2010, while others are new...

1. Continue to improve my connection to members of my immediate family. I worked on this last year and made some progress, but it will take continuing effort.

2. Spend good quality and quantity time with Candace, Sarah and little Thomas when he arrives sometime in the spring.

3. Make measurable progress on my writing:
* Enter the Amazon Breakthrough Novel competition using INCENTIVIZE as my submission manuscript.
* Sign a publishing contract on at least one novel, or decide to self-publish by year end.
* Complete at least two additional novels during the year.
* Decide what to do with Lessons Learned the Hard Way, my non-fiction manuscript.

4. Add something business-like back into my life. Right now I'm considering the acquisition of a very small business, but consulting or board memberships could fill the bill as well, if I could arrange them.

5. Fully recover my running form by the fall, including: losing twenty pounds, recovering fully from injuries, and increasing mileage to at least 30 miles per week (right now its about 15). A bonus here for getting into marathon shape and running a fall marathon.

I'm trying to balance with these five goals between family (2 goals), professional (2 goals), and personal (1 goal). I have a tendency to over-focus on one or two things, neglecting the others, so balancing can be hard for me. I hope to do a better job of it in the coming year than I've done in the past.

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