Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mr. Mom -- Day 6

Wow. This day was busy! I actually had to get the girls out of bed on a Saturday morning to go to a doctor's appointment at 10am in Omaha. Then we grabbed a drive-thru lunch at Burger King before a marathon hair appointment. You see, I got some great advice on the twin's hair -- if you get it corn-rowed (full head version), then the morning hair care routine is almost zero for as long as the corn-rows last.

I made an appointment at Capitol School of Hairstyling for 11:30. Unfortunately, they only had one stylist who could corn-row available today, so it was Candace first, then Sarah. The whole appointment took four hours. I kid you not -- four hours! I would have never guessed anyone could spend two hours just doing hair. My hair... well, no point in going there!

Afterwards, we made a quick stop at Target to get birthday presents for a party next weekend, and then headed toward home -- only we didn't go home because church starts at 5pm. With the little slack time we had, we stopped and had ice cream at the little shop in town. Then church (the twins were extra wiggly today, for some reason), and afterward, we drove back to Omaha to the Ethiopian Restaurant.

We finally made it home at 8pm, and I let the twins play for an hour, while I cleaned up. Then it was bedtime.

Busy, yes! But really no conflict, no meltdowns, no anger.

A most excellent day! (with apologies to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure).

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  1. Sounds like a busy day! I've spent four hours cornrowing the twins' hair before too. Hurts my fingers.