Friday, November 5, 2010

Mr. Mom -- Day 5

Little kids get tired and crabby when they get up early for school each morning and also don't go to sleep when they go to bed. So do the parents!

Actually, everything went fairly smoothly today until Anna insisted the twins help clean up the Barbie mess in their room. Anna humors them with Barbie play when she doesn't have anything else she has to do. Sarah just left the room, leaving the clean up to Anna and Candace. There was much shouting and gnashing of teeth as a result.

But somewhere along the line, the crabbiness switched kids, because it was Candace who sat on the naughty seat all through dinner. I'm not sure exactly what caused it, but all of sudden there she was, getting angry with everyone about pretty much nothing.

I thought it had stopped at the end of dinner, but Candace picked right up again afterwards. Eventually I dragged her (carried her over my shoulder, actually) down to my room and read a couple of old time fairy tales to her. That seemed to do the trick.

We're off to bed momentarily -- I'm posting now, because I'm so tired I don't want to have to try to do it after they finally go to sleep.

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  1. Tom, it sounds like you are getting meltdowns every day and dealing with them. Paula will be glad to have this record of what happens when she leaves for awhile. Keep up the good work! Grandma Sharon