Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cover Art -- Part 2

I received some good input on my last request, and have narrowed my choices on the INCENTIVIZE Cover to two (neither of the other designs received a single vote!). However, a friend provided an alternative cover design for DELIVERABLES! So now I have two versions of it as well.

Oh, what to do? Again, all opinions welcome.

These are the cover alternatives for INCENTIVIZE:

And now here are the two alternatives for DELIVERABLES:

Details on the subject matter of each novel can be found a couple of posts down, should you wish to consult it.

So which ones? I am completely unsure about which way to go.



  1. I like the first one for incentivize. Honestly, I'm not crazy about either one of those deliverables covers, but given a choice I pick the potato.

  2. The only comment I have is on the Deliverables cover w/the batteries, I initally thought it was batteries in the shape of a human brain...which was a bit confusing.

    Covers aside, I'm looking forward to reading the novels!

  3. Arun, I'm getting close to having a printed version of the first novel LEVERAGE. Hopefully in the next week or so. I'll announce it everywhere when it is ready.