Friday, June 3, 2011

An Update on my Career Transition

It's launch plus fourteen and a half months, and it seems like an appropriate time to reflect on where I've been since leaving the corporate world.

I've definitely chucked corporate life for good -- it feels (and sounds) a little like kicking a drug habit. I received a call from a recruiter today for a position that would have been perfect for my background, and was able to send him on his way (with a handful of potential candidates) without a regret. I simply have no desire to get back into a big organization with all its politics, illogic, stupid/impossible standards, and long hours.

Of course, I am on my own methadone, so to speak. I have a minor investment in a small manufacturing company, and go to the office once or twice a week to check the numbers, and work on small projects of my own selection. I consider it nice variety, and enjoy the interaction with the people, without having the day to day stress of a big corporate job.

Writing has emerged as my other passion -- which shouldn't be any great surprise to me, I suppose. From the beginning, it appeared in my wild lists of futures for my life, and had been an interest indulged in my "spare time" before I quit my full time job. I have five books in some stage of development (all the way from "done and looking for a publisher" to "completed first draft"), and there are two more on the drawing boards. I try to find some time each day to design, write or edit.

Before I left work, I also thought I might become involved in something philanthropic. I'm still slowing finding my way along this dimension, but I'm a lot further along than I was a year and a quarter ago. My charitable work will somehow involve the intersection of my faith, my interest in bringing clean water to the poor, and the country where my adopted children are from -- Ethiopia. I'm trying to continue listening and keeping my eyes open for the right opportunities.

An additional benefit of my new lifestyle has been spending lots of time with my children and spouse -- probably sometimes more than they want! I feel much more engaged with my family, and much less distracted by other things, even though sometimes I'm still guilty of zeroing in on one task to the exclusion of all else.

The journey continues to be stimulating and also challenging, and I'm very happy I decided to make this gut-wrenching change to my life.

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