Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mr. Mom

Paula is headed out of town for two weeks -- she's going to Ethiopia as a part of the charity Because Every Mother Matters, which will be working to start up a women's health clinic in the south of the country. She's been wanting to do this for months now, but has been nervous that your's truly couldn't handle the twins in her absence.

I won't say it will be like falling off a log, but I have been watching pretty closely what needs to be done each day. There are only a few areas where I'm a little nervous:

* Dinner -- our twins are the pickiest eaters I've ever seen, although there has been some improvement over the last few months now that school has started. School lunch is basically an "eat what's there, or go hungry" affair, and it's forced the girls to branch out a bit. I'm vowing now NOT to resort to McDonalds or Pizza every night!

* Hair -- There's a lot of it, it's always a bit of a mess in the morning, and there is a limited amount of time available to redo it. I did rebraid a couple of times this summer, but basically I'm a hair neophyte about to be cast into the big leagues. And the weekly style change looks even worse. Photos may have to be forbidden during Paula's absence.

* Melt-downs -- Maybe its a guy thing, but I rarely seem to do the right thing when one of the twins has a melt-down. The fact that they often come in the evening, when I'm at my least patient, probably doesn't help much. I think my strategy will be to take a deep breath, and then do exactly the opposite of what my instincts tell me to do. Failing that, I do have the phone numbers of my mother and my mother-in-law memorized for emergency aid.

So if you see two adorable twin girls who look like the ones in the picture...

except their clothes don't match, their hair is sticking out of their braids, one throwing a tantrum, and they have pizza sauce smeared on their fingers, they couldn't possibly be mine!

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