Monday, September 13, 2010

After Fermenting for one Month...

Just finished the read-through of Incentivize last night.

A read-through is a clean straight reading (without fixing anything, just making a few notes) of a manuscript -- at least that's my definition, and I doubt any one will disagree! I completed this one in three days.

I finished the first draft of the novel about a month ago, and let it sit for a month while I sorted through the design and proposal for Deliverables.

After the read-through, I've got to say -- its pretty good! I'm more and more excited about this particular project. Once I get the first draft corrections in there (yeah, there still are quite a few -- at least a month to get it done.), I think it will be better than Leverage, which I'm also pretty pleased with.

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  1. ...I didn't know there were three? What is incentivize? Is that the Navy Seals one? In that case what is deliverables? Also...what the heck does incentivize mean?